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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

Talk Topic: Building a Delay: Recreating an Analogue Delay Pedal with the Web Audio API, JS, and CSS

Tom Hazledine is a Senior Front-end Developer at Cronofy, a unified calendar API for SaaS businesses, and is currently based in Cornwall. Tom's tools of choice are JavaScript, CSS and SVG, supported by React and D3. After spending many years building client-sites with design agencies, his focus today is on user interfaces for web apps.

Tom is a keen tinkerer of technology, and can often be found bringing together his love of web development and music. In recent years he's created a catalogue of web browser based FX modules, interfacing with more traditional music equipment. This passion for music had led to Tom creating Picobel.js, a lightweight dependency-free Javascript tool that converts html audio tags into styleable markup.

Tom is the co-host of A Question of Code, a podcast focused around a newbie coder and a seasoned veteran discussing the questions that always come up when someone begins learning to code. You can find the podcast via your favourite pod catcher.

In his talk, Tom will demonstrate an analogue delay unit (guitar pedal) with some audience participation and explore the key concepts of "delay time" and "feedback level". Tom’s talk will provide a high-level introduction to the Web Audio API, focusing on the concept of a "signal path", and how this translates into JavaScript.

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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

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25th April 2019, Plymouth University

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