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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

Talk Topic: Changing our Relationship with Tech – Do we Have a Responsibility as Designers?

Tom is the Digital Planner at The Moment, having spent his career exploring the relationship between audiences, content and technology. In short, his experience has taught him that understanding the audience and being able to creatively inspire an emotional response through the right digital technology/channels ensures high engagement, and more importantly, dictates clear behaviour/actions. Tom has been responsible for a range of ‘digital’ projects, from major digital transformation for large corporations to activation projects for start-ups and new brands.

Every part of work and home lives is saturated with tech. But we’re no longer in control, our personal data has become currency and humans have become completely co-dependent on digital services. You could say that the inherent ‘design’ of social networks and online services is to encourage re-use, to reward addictive behaviour, to craft experiences that never end. In his talk, Tom will discuss if we have a responsibility as designers to change this and to help create a world where humans have a better, more positive relationship with tech.

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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

future sync conference

25th April 2019, Plymouth University

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