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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University
  • Ruth John
  • Ruth John

    Coding Artist & { Live : JS } Founder


Talk Topic: How to Be a Web A/V Artist

Ruth John is an award nominated digital artist, web consultant, keynote speaker and writer, with 15 years of experience in the digital industry. As well as being a Google Developer Expert, Ruth is on the board of directors for Bath Digital Festival and during her career has worked for many notable companies including O2 and BSkyB, as well as clients such as the BBC, NBC, Cancer Research UK, Heineken and Channel 4 among others. Ruth is one of the { Live : JS } founders, a collective which brings audio and visual code to life, in live performances across the globe.

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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

future sync conference

25th April 2019, Plymouth University

Tickets for the 2019 event are available now.

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