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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University
  • Nick Schwaderer
  • Nick Schwaderer

    Senior Ruby on Rails Developer,


Talk Topic: Preparing for a Natural Disaster Using Bots

Nick Schwaderer is a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at OceansHQ, the world's primary supplier of innovative and visionary solutions for maritime administrations and related businesses. Nick writes at, the open source components of his work live at, and he is also the creator of Mara.

On December 6, 2018, over 30 million people in the United Kingdom lost mobile data on their phones. From a developer's perspective this means the 'death' of any mobile-accessed applications. For a person this means a critical, and possibly dangerous, cutting off from the world. In the event of a natural disaster the consequences would be much larger. SMS-based apps are immune to loss of mobile data. In this talk, Nick will look at several examples of bot-based Ruby applications, and how modern software development can supply information when mobile data is down. This will start with everyday bot examples and conclude with the actual natural-disaster example. The audience will be able to consider front-end interfaces other than web or mobile GUIs for future development and will learn creative ways to handle data/wireless outages.

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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

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25th April 2019, Plymouth University

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