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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University
  • Matthew Shaw
  • Matthew Shaw

    Senior Software Engineer,
    HM Land Registry


Talk Topic: Digital Street: Exploring the Future of Property Transactions Using Blockchain Technology

Matthew Shaw is a Senior Software Engineer at HM Land Registry with 12 years' experience of software development in central government. Matt designs and creates software that underpins the UK property market, processing 32.5m requests worth £317.2m a year. From desktop applications, data transformation, enterprise web services to citizen focussed services; Matt has a broad experience of transformational digital government services. Matt led the team that delivered the multiple award-winning Property Alert service, helping to tackle property fraud, along with the GOV.UK service Find Property Information, making access to property records simpler, clearer and faster. Recently Matt has been working on HM Land Registry’s ground-breaking Digital Street project; a research and development initiative working with the industry to explore the future of land registration through new technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts.

HM Land Registry’s Digital Street research and development project aims to put them at the forefront of global land registration innovation. Digital Street is creating a vision of the future of property transactions using technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledgers and smart contracts. Their aim is to make property buying and selling simpler, faster and cheaper through the use of data, technology and innovation. HM Land Registry are creating positive digital disruption through building a community of industry representatives, data providers, government departments and technology start-ups. They have developed and refined a proof of concept that demonstrates an approach to using distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. This talk will explore the technologies they used, how they are implemented, their benefits and drawbacks and what they’ve learned as a result.

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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

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