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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University
  • Dylan Schiemann
  • Dylan Schiemann

    Founder and CEO,


Track Keynote: The Future of the Web Platform

As CEO of SitePen and co-founder of Dojo, Dylan Schiemann is an established presence in the JavaScript and open source communities. Under his direction, SitePen has become the definitive source for enterprise organisations that are focused on creating well-tested, highly performant and sustainable web applications. Dylan’s current initiatives include guiding development on Intern, TypeScript and Dojo 2. Dylan was the co-founder of the Dojo Foundation prior to its merger with the jQuery Foundation to form the JS Foundation. Dylan also helps organise the HalfStack meetup and conference and the Phoenix TypeScript meetup. When not actively engaged in bettering SitePen and demanding better developer tools, Dylan enjoys traveling and sharing his experience at conferences around the world.

The only constant is change. The web constantly evolves to remain the competitive universal environment for building all forms of software. Whether it's ES2015+, WebXR, speech recognition, or other modern and emerging standards, the web of today and tomorrow is almost unrecognizable from just a few years ago.

In his talk, Dylan will explore emerging web technologies and predict their future, ranging from recently established standards like TypeScript and WebAssembly, to newer frameworks and technologies like Svelte, Dojo, and Deno, to machine learning and its impact on development and testing, and a wide range of new proposals from TC39 and WICG. He'll also examine what it means to be the web, how this changes beyond traditional browser UIs, and why the open web still matters for our future.

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Portland Square Building - Plymouth University

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25th April 2019, Plymouth University

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